As a writer my primary charge is storyteller—taking you, the reader, on a journey that not only engages but also possibly affects in some meaningful way. The genre of Visionary Fiction offers such an expansive opportunity—teasing out possibilities from expanded realms of reality, alongside the presence of other agents of consciousness which have been  longed repressed by the constructs of modernity. Bottom line—I strive to write a ripping rich yarn, yet infused with layers of “difficult truths.”

Visionary Fiction is considered a relatively new genre, often misjudged as only New Age subject matter, while in truth it has been around for centuries and it is far more expansive in theme and scope. Noted authors whose work would today fall under the matrix of Visionary Fiction would include the likes of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, William Shakespeare—and more recently Frank Herbert and Carlos Castaneda. What’s central to the genre is the writer's intent to explore other dimensions of perception and a drive to explore a more expansive engagement with consciousness.

Robert Owings

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