When documentary filmmaker Carson Reynolds is asked to film a gathering of Native American tribal elders, he becomes unwittingly drawn into a frightening world of shamanic reality. His “call” to the medicine work spirals him into otherworldly realms through the teachings of plant medicine, indigenous teachers, priestesses, and disembodied beings. The urgency of his charge is to join a campaign that strives to combat an alien spiritual force threatening humanity. As a trainee, Carson must learn the esoteric secrets behind Tibet’s rise and fall –- and come to embrace an ominous Tibetan wrathful deity who proves to be his primary ally as he struggles to develop his own skills as a medicine worker. Carson’s earthly comrades in the work include the complex figures of Wounded Paw, a Native American shaman; Blind Mama, an African-American oracle in the heart of Mississippi; and Rhiannon, a sophisticated spirit worker in California with whom he develops a deep relationship.

Call of the Forbidden Way is the first book of a forthcoming trilogy. 

To the Reader:
If you believe, suspect, imagine, sense, intuit or in some way experience other sentient forms of consciousness active in the Cosmos—in your life; then this book will speak to you. Perhaps opening up something you’ve always felt was there, possibly embedded within the legion of ancestors, or maybe it’s just too challenging to acknowledge—so let Call of the Forbidden Way affirm and take you into those realms.