Brilliant, Couldn't Put it Down
"I stayed up all night, tearing through your wonderful book, couldn't put it down and just finished it this morning. It feels like I have a real soul brother who's been an intrepid explorer of the mystery schools, expanded states of consciousness, wisdom traditions, and earth medicine of all forms. It was quite brilliant of you to weave these extraordinary dimensions into a fictional account, safeguarding the Knowledge, yet putting forth warnings and blessings for this age."
–Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, Global Health Media & Global Medicine Hunter

Indiana Jones on Mushrooms, A Must-Read
"Being able to relate, so to speak, in some way and to some degree, goes a long way to enjoyment of this kind of a book. I loved it! Having deliberately exposed myself (somewhat) to this 'forbidden' way, I could especially feel what the central figure, Carson, felt during the beginning of his journey as he became aware of being pulled into and confronted with other his his so called sanity...was being shaken. This is a must read for those interested in or already exploring the inner and hidden worlds. Sure, sure, the story line is simple enough, sort of, kinda like, Indiana Jones on mushrooms or some such thing; however, I found the beauty to be in its simplicity, with real human issues to be addressed along the way. For those who have partaken or are interested, if not called, the author has created some really interesting characters. Authenticity counts for much in these matters and it seemed clear enough that the author knows of what he writes. Thank you Robert Owings!"
–Tasawuf, Amazon Review

Intriguing Mystery, Themes Incorporated into My Own Dreams
As someone who is interested in delving deeper into my own consciousness, this book paints a vibrant picture of what can be possible. A fascinating and imaginative adventure to follow! I was immediately intrigued by the mystery surrounding the subject matter and continued to flip the pages as the personality and relatability of each character developed. Filled with ancient knowledge and wisdom. I began incorporating themes from the book into my own dreams. Impossible to describe without experiencing it yourself!"
–Jenna Stewart, Goodreads Review

Incredible Story, Complex & Diverse Characters
"This was an incredible story. The characters following the path of the Medicine Way are complex and diverse. Each has their own practice of communion with the Universe and the entities of the Dimensions. A new take on the fight between Good and evil and Light vs. dark. Amazing insights if you care to see them. I will read everything this author writes." (5-star Rating)
–Margaret Holmes

Mind-opening, Want to Read More
“I don’t really know what to make of this book; it’s different. The story made me consider things I’ve never conceived of, but now it’s got my mind open to some radical new potentials. Ironically, I realize that these possibilities may have always been with us, but that we have been blinded to them, or more accurately, not allowed to know about them. Whatever it is, I want to read more about these things.” 
–Jonathan Klein, Boulder, CO

Thrilling and Insightful, Fantastically Readable 
"Call of the Forbidden Way: not quite thriller, not quite self-help, not quite easy to describe, is one fantastically readable book! Robert Owings managed to weave a story much like a myth, full of mystery, suspense, action, esoteric appeal and a sense of spiritual curiosity that is sought but rarely found in contemporary fiction. I read this book in two sittings and have been inspired by the experiences of the main character, and in particular, the spiritual journey that is so masterfully told in the depths of this story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in life, interested in wisdom and adventure, and who isn't afraid to peek under a cold slimy rock! If you aren't into any of those things, then this book may still stimulate you as it deals with a variety of complex emotions and the fundamental struggles (questions) of life, such as, What is my purpose? I plan on reading Call of the Forbidden Way at least once more and suggest you do as well."
–Richard J. Bargloski, Amazon Review

Enthralling, Pushed All My Buttons
“This book pushed all my buttons, including ones I never knew I had. It enthralled me, disturbed me; made me laugh and ignited my anger, anger that our culture has stripped away the ways of our ancestors. Thank you for opening my eyes to those things that have been forbidden to us.”
Janet DeMint, Cambridge, MA

Gripping, Well-Researched and Well-Written
It is clear why Call of the Forbidden Way received the awards and laudable reviews by those `in the know,' authors and researchers of entheogens, altered states and shamanic practices. This is a great book! I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written, gripping and highly readable novel. I hope we will see more books on this topic by Robert Owings. Not only does he know how to tell a good story, he also is obviously well-educated in the field of consciousness studies, shamanism and parapsychology."
–Yana Castle, Amazon Review

A Great Page-Turner with a Twist
"I loved this book for multiple of reasons: it was plain old fun to read, it made me think of other possibilities outside of our day to day existence, I learned quite a bit about other realms and deities, a new twist on the age old good vs evil tale. I'm not one to sit and read what may be classified as a 'new age' book, but this one was able to incorporate some of that thinking along with aspects of other writing genres. I think it should appeal to readers who have very eclectic tastes."
–D. Agoitia, Amazon Review

Expanded my Concepts of Consciousness
"I read this while living in Holland, submerged in European urban life. This book expanded many of my concepts of consciousness, which coming from an academic background, I found very meaningful. I often found myself wanting to stop and reflect about concepts embedded in the story but the book is such a gripping page turner it was hard to slow down. It left me wanting to learn more about these realms and I look forward to the author's next book, which I hope will be coming soon. I've since recommended this book to a number of friends and colleagues."
–Astrid Bergon, Amazon Review

The Beginning of a Deeper Adventure, A Great Read
Robert Owing's book Call of the Forbidden Way affects you in subtle ways. It is a great read, but then you find yourself thinking about the book and it's topic throughout your day. I found myself being curious about what more is there in this existence that is available to experience. Is this book a metaphor for life or is this really happening out there. The way the book ends feel only like a beginning for a deeper adventure.
–Amazon Customer

Brilliant Characters, Can’t Wait for the Rest of the Trilogy!
"Whether or not you love a great page-turner, read Call of the Forbidden Way, the first novel of a forthcoming trilogy. Not only will you have a great read, but you may also learn a few things you never knew or even thought about when you step into the other worldly realms in this book. Author Robert Owing’s education, experience, and passion shine through in this intelligent and well thought out first novel. Call of the Forbidden Way is a story about Carson Reynolds, a documentary film-maker, who during the the filming of a closed Native American ceremony, found that his life was inextricably changed. With no awareness or knowledge of what was to come, Carson finds his path is inescapable. While you read, not only do the story and the brilliant cast of characters unfold, but you will also find out about ancient and current international religious, cultural, and shamanic practices, plus much more. I highly recommend this book, and can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy to be published!"
–Donna, Goodreads Review

Incredible Depictions, You'll Be Left Wanting More
"Call of the Forbidden Way is a great read. Author Robert Owings’ writing is part Carlos Castaneda with a heavy dose of Terence McKenna and Dan Brown with some incredible depictions of close encounters of the shamanic kind and a thriller-mystery wave that made me not want to put the book down. In particular, I love the way the book weaves together the wayward journeys of a reluctant current day initiate and the revelations of a very compelling alternative spiritual history and perspective of the world. Owings blurs the boundaries between traditional genres such as science fiction, fantasy, mystery, adventure, and spiritual memoir. There is something in this book for everyone who likes to travel off the beaten path. You’ll be left wanting more."
–John A, Goodreads Review

Wow – Mystical Science Fiction!
"Robert sets the scene introducing a cast of compelling characters and ends with a fantastical confrontation of the manifestations of good and evil forces! – I really want another installment to this saga NOW!" 
–Mirto G Golino, Goodreads Review

Fast-paced, Thrilling Adventure, Couldn't Put it Down
This enthralling story by Robert Owings took me on a fantastic spiritual journey. There were some nights that I couldn't put it down. After reading this fast-paced, thrilling adventure, I found that I was asking myself some questions: What is my purpose in life? Where is my life's journey taking me? Who knows? Perhaps his next book will have the answers. Can't wait! Loved the book. –Lowell Chaput, Amazon Review

Breathtaking, A Beautiful Story
“I have many books waiting for me, but three weeks ago, I just grabbed this one, and... yes. It was breathtaking. It brought me flash backs, feelings and dear memories related to shamanism and Carlos Castaneda's books and the warriors' path. As to Dharmapalas... it was gorgeous!!! I Didn't have a clue about the ceremonies related to these deities and about certain aspects of Tibet's history. What can I tell you. I really enjoyed this book in all its aspects, with all its hues, with all its characters. Thank you for giving birth to a such a beautiful story."
–Chavin Luz, Romania

Evocative, Reminded Me of Castaneda's Work
“Call of the Forbidden Way reminded me of Castaneda’s work, except this book is more evocative for the times. There is a kind of parallel—while Castaneda wrote fiction disguised as anthropological fieldwork, you get the sense that Owings is presenting certain realities disguised as fiction. When you grasp the deeper context of the book, it’s very disturbing material to consider.”
–Seth Armstrong, Santa Fe, NM

Touched Me Deeply in Many Ways
"I’m not sure who recommended the book, Call of the Forbidden Way by Robert Owings… so to whoever did, THANK YOU! It was a terrific novel of shamanic practice, along with discarnate entities, gods, Tibetan Buddhism, love, adventure, and battle with evil forces. It entertained me as I was traveling across country, and it touched me deeply in many ways. If you’re looking for a good, juicy read, don’t miss this novel. At many points, you’ll wonder whether this is a novel or a diary of direct experience. Wow."
–Lion Goodman

Page-turner, A New Respect & Longing
“Wow, what a page-turner. At first I was simply engrossed by the story. Then I started to wonder, is something like this actually going on? While I suspect that very question is part of the author’s intent, it left me with a new respect—no, longing—to be connected to a spiritual tradition that honors such a path.”
–Maggie Eisner, San Diego, CA

Rare Find, Wonderful Characters
“It’s a rare to find someone who writes about working with dark spiritual forces who isn’t couching the subject in some juvenile context of evil. I refer to Owings’ inclusion of a Dharmapala, a wrathful deity. This was bold, and generated a wonderful character for us readers.”
–Gordon Mays, Charlottesville, VA

Gripping Tale
A gripping tale, reads great. If you are into shamanism, or have had encounters with spiritual beings, this is as must read. If you understand this book at the deeper levels, it reveals some frightening potentials and challenges for us all. Bravo!”
–William, Silver Springs, MD

A Compelling Read, Stirs Your Grey Matter
The Forbidden Way by Robert Owing is a compelling read. As you journey with Carson and his associates you find yourself embroiled in an amazing journey of physical, mental and spiritual endurance. I could not put the book down I wanted to know the outcome, is it truth or fiction, that is up to the reader to decide. I would definitely recommend this book. It will stir your grey matter.
–Paul, Amazon UK Review

Access Granted to Magical Realms, Entertaining Read 
"For those of us not afraid to look at the World of Infinite Possibilities, from intriguing new directions, CALL OF THE FORBIDDEN WAY answers a question that probably has haunted many a seeker into worlds and ways beyond the ordinary. That is, "What would I do if some of the more menacing entities from realities and planes of awareness outside my own, suddenly forced me to acknowledge their presence by attacking my reality?" Robert Owings presents that puzzle to a most unsuspecting character, (someone to whom most of us can relate because he is not an "adept" or overly interested in spiritual matters). This dilemma is at the core of many suspense/horror mysteries. However, Owings poses the frightening question in the most reasonable manner, making gods and demons, as well as alien intelligences seem "matter of fact." Once we accept the premise, then we are in for a thrill ride unlike anything I've ever read, since Carlos Castaneda's later works. I won't give away any of the major themes here, but I will say that I have had the pleasure to work with masters, seers and medicine men from many varied cultures. Nothing that Owings writes about is that far fetched when considered from the perspective of Infinite Possibilities. I highly recommend this book as an entertaining read and leap into the magical realms."
–Gordon F. Richiusa, Amazon Review

Tome of Creativity, Stirring, Moving Work
"Last fall while conducting research for topics related to Shamanism, I came across Robert Owings' mystical tome of creativity Call of the Forbidden Way. Through the book, I journeyed into the worlds of various Native & Shamanic medicine traditions which included visionary plant sacraments, and, with each step, areas of consciousness awakened. Owings blurs the lines between genre. The book is listed under "Visionary Fiction," a category I was previously unfamiliar with. Perhaps this is the reason Owings' stirring, moving work became a silver medalist in the 2008 Nautilus Book Awards. The award process looks "for distinguished literary and heartfelt contributions to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspirational reading for children, teens and young adults." This is one of the reasons why this text held such traction for me, as it not only is a worthy finalist, but Owings breathes life into a story that is as close to true experience as is creatively possible. I venture to say that for any spiritual explorer who seeks guidance, turn to Call of the Forbidden Way, as it will heighten your awareness."
–Anthony & Jessica, Amazon Review

Unique Cast of Characters
Having just turned the last page of Call of the Forbidden Way, I can only imagine what else might lie ahead for this unique cast of characters Robert Owings has given life to. Bringing together divergent worlds existing between our perceived reality and the veils of dimensional consciousness, we are treated to a great diversity of cultures, spiritual quests and the everyday challenge we face as we try to define the world around us. In answer to this big question, Owings offers connective tissue for what’s really going on here?
–Jill Craig

Can't Wait for the Follow Up!
"Robert Owings book, Call of the Forbidden Way, is a sly introduction to the world of shamanism, entertaining instead of dogmatic. It’s a fun read but filled with profound ideas that will pique the curiosity of the uninitiated, and resonate deeply with those already involved in shamanic work. Is it a metaphor, or an autobiography? You decide. I particularly enjoyed the passages concerning the wrathful deities, or Dharmapalas, which reminded me of Salman Rushdie’s latest novel, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights.
–Andrew Crumon, Amazon Review

A Whopping Good Read, Enlightening
"A whole village of people disappears into thin air on a mountaintop in Chile, while in a mysterious power vortex on a Lakota reservation, a circle of shamans gathers for a haunting, throbbing ritual, filmed by a documentary producer, Carson Reynolds. In Robert Owings’ novel, Call of the Forbidden Way, reluctantly, with two steps forward and one back, and definitely with a sense of foreboding, Reynolds is gradually sucked into a life-changing (and life-threatening) odyssey involving spirit guides, dangerous “visitors” from beyond our planet, dreams of a great bear mentor, a modern priestess, a Tibetan deity and more, much more. Transcending the fantasy fiction and mind-body-spirit genres, Call of the Forbidden Way inhabits a genre of its own, with suspense, mystery, ancient Native American culture, alien forces and past lives––resulting in a whopping good read. As a strictly non-fiction writer and reader myself, I am not usually drawn to magical realism or spiritual quests. Nonetheless, I can use the word “un-put-downable” to describe Owings’ memoir-like novel. It’s fun to read, and enlightening about the “medicine way” of Native American shamanism and psychoactive plants. I understand this is the first in a trilogy from the author – I’m in!"
–Karen Misuraca, Amazon Review

A Wonderful, Evocative Ride
"Now during this time of the Burning Man migration I've just finished a timely book, Call of the Forbidden Way, by Robert Owings, quite the entertaining journey of an unsuspecting and unprepared documentarian into the worlds and thinking of current shamanic culture. It's wonderful, evocative ride through a gateway to other realms and consciousness. Woven in a dance with everyday life, love and duty, are some intensely colorful characters, cultures, wisdoms, sanity, superstition and the ineffable, a definite brain bath for the right hemisphere. If you'd like a taste of Ayahuasca, visions of the medicine path, pre-Buddhist Tibet, and a crazy little touch of Thomas the Tank Engine, do read! Though, if I were Sir Topham Hatt, I'd head for the hills!"
–Matthew Farruggio, Goodreads Review