Examples of areas I work in:

• Death passages—incomplete and/or troubled

• Entity possession

• Clearing obstacles

• Breaking free of orthodox New Age modalities

Given every person’s psyche and situation is unique, I strive to tap into your individual world. Establishing a safe and trusting communication is essential; as this generates an expanded awareness for us to work within. We work with respect for your experience—fostering new insights that bring understanding and positive change. 

Through an expanded perspective comes liberation from embedded patterns that hold you back. Sometimes this work shadows psychoanalysis but more often it tends to unfold through a psycho-spiritual filter providing grounded support and practical help.

There’s not much mumbo jumbo in the process—we talk—I listen deeply.

It’s always challenging to describe what Intuitive Counseling means, how it works, what it does—the results it brings. There are myriad forms of Intuitive Counseling, just as each of us navigates the world through our individuated sense of perception.

  • To explore how my services could benefit you let’s schedule a no-cost initial half-hour phone conversation. To arrange this encounter email me:  robert@jawbonenation.com